Administrative Expungement Form

A request for an administrative expungement should discuss a student's personal reflections and how they believe they have learned from the incident(s) they were involved in. Additionally, the request should discuss how those reflections have affected their behavior and detail the steps the student has actively taken to address their behavior. Requests can also include other information that the student believes is relevant, including but not limited to, how a student may have contributed to the GW and the District of Columbia communities.

When submitting an administrative expungement request, please fill in all the blanks below and provide as much information as possible regarding why your administrative and/or disciplinary record should be administratively expunged. Additionally, you may be asked to meet with a staff member of the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities to discuss your request and/or to submit supplemental information for consideration. (Please note that the submission of supplemental information or a student's participation in a meeting with a staff member does not guarantee that an administrative expungement will be granted.)

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Please do not submit multiple requests for an administrative expungement.

More information on Administrative Expungements is available on the Student Rights & Responsibilities website.

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Current Status with the University:
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Date of Last Violation:
What do you believe you have learned from the incident(s) you were involved in?
How have those reflections impacted the way you make responsible choices?
Please describe your involvement and contributions to the GW and/or to the District of Columbia communities since the incident(s) occurred.
Are there any personal circumstances or current factors that you feel are important to consider as part of this administrative expungement request?