2014 Women's Leadership Conference: Measuring Success


Women's Leadership Conference

Held each spring, the Elizabeth Somers Leadership Center and the Women's Leadership Conference bring together an intergenerational audience of professional women, many of whom are alumnae, and students to discuss the personal and professional challenges facing women in the 21st century. For additional information, contact The Office of Academic Affairs, Mount Vernon Campus, 202 242-6697.

The 2014 Women's Leadership Conference is presented by The George Washington Alumni Association, Office of the Associate Provost, and the Elizabeth Somers Center.

What past attendees have said:

    • "I really enjoyed, learned, and became inspired with what the panel members spoke about."
    • "Energy, real leadership, examples."
    • "Diversity of experience."
    • "Very personal important issues were discussed."
    • "I enjoyed the entire program.  It is hard for me to select one. All the speakers inspired me and I feel I have learned so much."
    • "Great networking."
    • "I enjoyed hearing how different women attained leadership."