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5. Calendar Home > Documentation > 5. Calendar

The calendar is your one-stop place to add events to your website and the GWired DoThis! Calendar. To add an event to the calendar, click on "Add a new Calendar Entry". Enter the title, location, category, start/end times and description of the event and click submits.

  • If you would like the event to appear on GWired, click the checkbox next to "Show this event on GWired's DoThis! Calendar. Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for the event to be listed on GWired.
  • If this event is part of a series of events, select the name of the related event from the Related Events drop down.
  • Calendar entries do not need to be deleted; once they have passed they will no longer be displayed on the site.
  • Entries can be edited at any time, however if a GWired-listed event is edited it will be instantly removed from GWired and may take up to 72 hours to be re-listed.
  • Content from the calendar can appear on individual pages using the [;CALENDAR] tag or in the site's sidebar.

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