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The Page Editor Menu

Merlin will automatically take you to the Page Editor portion of your site.

  • This is where you can edit the content of your pages. You can also add new pages using the box on the right.

  • Pages can be listed in two ways: dynamic and traditional. The dynamic listing allows you to choose between listing only parent pages or subpages, and any combination thereof. Traditional lists all the pages currently on your site.

For both types of listing, Merlin organizes the pages as parent/child pages.
  • What is a hierarchical format? Think about how files are stored on a computer: usually they are organized into a series of folders, with each folder containing additional files and folders. To access a document about Important Housing Dates, you would start by looking under the folder called CLLC, then a folder called Housing Services, and then you would see your file. Merlin's dynamic display works in the same way: to access the Housing Selection page click on the "plus" icon next to Housing Services to display the pages within that section.

  • This relationship between pages is called a "Parent/Child" relationship. In this example the Important Housing Dates page is a "child" of Housing Services. If we wanted to create a new page in the About section, About would be the page's "parent".

Dynamic Listing
Traditional Listing

Click on any page to edit its contents
To add a page, click on the "Add a new page" link.

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