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    Who can use Merlin CMS?
    Any registered student organization and its members can take advantage of Merlin CMS. Creating and editing your site is easy -- all you need is a computer with access to the Internet.

    Do I have to know HTML to use Merlin CMS?
    No! No HTML code is necessary to build or maintain a Merlin CMS site. Users who have a knowledge of HTML are free to incorporate code with the rest of their site.

    Does my organization need a webmaster?
    During the site creation process, your organization will appoint a site administrator, who can be any member of your organization. This person does not need to know anything about creating webpages, as no technical skills are needed to maintain a Merlin CMS site. After creating a site, the administrator can then allow other members of the organization to edit specific parts of the site.

    What will be the address of my site?
    If you have an existing website on the University's WWW server or anywhere else, you can keep your same address. During the site creation process you will be prompted to enter the account details of your current site. A "redirect" script will then be installed to send your visitors to your new site, without any extra work on your part. If you do not have an existing website, your new site address will be http://studentorgs.gwu.edu/NAME.

    What will my site look like?
    While creating your site you will be asked to choose a site design from a collection of pre-designed templates. You will be able to customize your template by uploading your organization's logo, defining your navigation structure, and customizing your site content. If someone in your organization wishes to design a custom template, University Web Services can help transfer that look to your Merlin site. To see examples of Merlin CMS websites, visit the Program Board at http://pb.gwu.edu and Books for Africa at http://studentorgs.gwu.edu/books4africa.

    Can I upload pictures and files?
    Yes! You can add pictures, MS-Office documents, PDFs, and multimedia files to your site with ease. Create photo galleries, add captions and place pictures in your site without writing any code.

    What if I need help with my site?
    Throughout the school year, University Web Services will provide workshops and training sessions on Merlin CMS. If at any time you experience technical difficulty or need help achieving a desired effect on your site, University Web Services will provide support via email and during office hours.

    Who can I contact for more information?
    University Web Services is happy to answer any questions you have about Merlin CMS. Email any questions or comments to gwired@gwu.edu.


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