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Financial Aid for New Undergraduates
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Regulations for Merit Awards

New Students

All merit awards are determined at the time of admission to the University.  All of the merit scholarships at GW require you to maintain a specific grade point average and complete 12 or more credit hours per semester.  Courses that do not count toward the minimum credit hour requirement include audited courses and the Freshman Advising Workshop, which do not count toward your degree.  The section on Satisfactory Academic Requirements for Financial Aid Recipients contains further information.  If the academic requirements provided to you at the time of your admission are met, GW merit awards will be renewed automatically, with one exception:  eligibility for merit aid for Study Abroad depends on the program.  Some programs are not eligible while others have reduced award eligibility.

The duration of aid is limited to ten consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment, or the number of credits sufficient to graduate, whichever comes first.  For purposes of merit aid eligibility for those students matriculating to GW directly upon graduation from high school will maintain their scholarship for undergraduate study; as long as the student continues to work towards his/her first undergraduate degree.  Students who have AP/IB credit may want to explore the possibility of a double major, etc.  This will enable you to take full advantage of the four-year undergraduate opportunity.  Undergraduate grants and scholarships cannot be used to pay for graduate level courses.  Students in dual degree programs should plan carefully to understand when they need to switch to graduate financial assistance.

Students often receive awards from a variety of sources which tie the award to tuition costs.  The total of all awards (including those covering non-tuition costs) cannot exceed the University’s estimated cost of attendance.

In most cases when scholarships and institutional grant awards are combined, they cannot exceed the cost of tuition.  Students eligible to receive GW tuition scholarship assistance (including the GW Guaranteed Grant, Board of Trustees Scholarship, and GW Family Grant) from two (2) or more sources generally can only receive the greater award, not both.  This would also include Employee Benefits. Institutional aid will be adjusted to stay within these limits.

National Merit and National Achievement Finalists are required to notify the National Merit Corporation that GW is the first-choice institution before April 15, 2014 for the 2014-2015 academic year and that they have not received any other National Merit college-sponsored scholarships.  The National Merit Corporation will inform GW of those finalists who meet these criteria. National Hispanic Scholars need only to send a copy of their scholarship letter from the College Board to our Office of Admissions.

At the time of your admission, you may have received one of the following merit awards which are tied to tuition:

•  Elliot Engineering Honors Scholarship
•  Francine Zorn Trachtenberg Scholarship
•  Presidential Academic Scholarship
•  Presidential Arts Scholarship
•  Presidential International Scholarship 
•  SEAS Scholarship
•  Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholarship

A GPA of 3.0 (B) on 12 earned credit hours per semester, exclusive of courses not counted toward graduation, is recommended for renewal.  The Presidential Arts Scholarship has additional requirements as determined by the Department.

Other merit awards administered by the University include:

Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship

This is a partial tuition award for selected students with demonstrated academic excellence and an affiliation with the Scottish Rite. Separate application forms are required for new applicants and are available through the Undergraduate Admissions Office.  The deadline is February 1, 2014 for the 2014-2015 academic year.

ROTC Scholarships and Awards

Qualifying NROTC scholars who are new to the Navy and who will major in computer science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, or engineering may receive up to $4,000 toward the cost of GW campus housing and meals.  The grant is renewable if the student remains in the NROTC program with a qualifying major.

Freshmen in qualifying majors who obtain scholarships through an Army or Air Force ROTC program offered by neighboring universities can also receive $4,000 for GW campus housing and meals.  Renewal is contingent on annual reapplication and continuation as an ROTC scholar in a qualifying major.

Federal Pell Grants, State Grants, and other awards will be considered when determining the actual amounts of tuition and residence hall awards for all ROTC scholars.

Institutional awards will be adjusted so that neither full tuition nor the cost of education is exceeded.

Important Notes on Combining Merit Aid
(Including the GW Guaranteed Grant & BOT Scholarship):

You may meet the qualifications for several awards, but only one may be accepted. Students cannot receive both Employee Benefits and a Merit Award, GW Guaranteed Grant, GW Family Grant, or Board of Trustees Scholarship.  The student will receive the larger of the two awards.

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