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Financial Aid for New Undergraduates
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New Students


State Grants and Scholarships

Many states maintain financial aid programs which usually include grants and scholarships. While some states restrict funds to students attending in-state schools, others do not. Contact the Superintendent of Higher Education in your state capital to see if you can apply for funds that can be used at GW.

DC Student Incentive Grants

Residents of the District of Columbia may be eligible for grants of up to $800 for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Applications are available from the District of Columbia State Education Office at One Judiciary Square, 441 Fourth Street, NW, Suite 350 N, Washington, DC 20001. Call (202) 727-6436 for more information.

DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DC TAG)

The DC TAG provides tuition subsidies to DC residents who attend a private college in the Washington, DC area. Currently, grants are valued at $2,500 per year and must be applied to tuition expenses only. At GW, all DC residents are required to apply for this program. Awarding of any scholarships and/or grant-in-aid will assume that the first $2,500 will be covered by the DC TAG program.

For further information, contact the District of Columbia State Education Office at (202) 727-6436.

Part-Time Employment

Students who do not qualify for the need based Federal Work-Study Program can visit the Career Center for assistance in finding part-time, temporary and summer employment.

Veterans’ Benefits

Veterans may qualify for aid under the G.I. Bill. Contact GW’s on-campus Veterans’ Benefits Office at (202) 994-9570 or veterans@gwu.edu for more information.  Fax #: 202-994-9009.

GW Family Grant

If a family has two or more dependent children simultaneously enrolled at GW as full-time undergraduate students during the 2010-2011 academic year, the younger sibling(s) may be eligible for the GW Family Grant. This is a half-tuition grant that can be awarded for the full academic year or for the fall or spring semester only. To qualify, siblings must each have a birth date of January 1, 1987 or later and they must be enrolled full-time in a first-time, four-year bachelor’s program and be charged at GW’s full-time rate. Students charged a discounted tuition do not qualify.  Families must complete the 2010-2011 Family Grant Application and submit it to us with all supporting documents no later than July 1 preceding the academic year. Grants for late applications are awarded on a funds-available basis only.

Supporting documentation includes a signed copy of the parents’ 2009 federal income tax return as verification of the dependent status of the students. International students must provide certification of their sibling and dependent status either from a parent’s employer (if an embassy or international organization such as the World Bank or International Monetary Fund, etc.) or from GW’s International Services Office.

To renew, all siblings must continue to meet the requirements stated above, maintain a C (2.0) or better GPA and reapply by the July 1 deadline. Please note: This grant is not available if either student is enrolled in the Seven-Year Integrated B.A./M.D., Six-Year Integrated B.A./J.D., or a non-affiliated study abroad program. The Family Grant is not stackable with any merit scholarships, the GW Guaranteed Grant, Board of Trustees Scholarship, or Employee Benefits.

Monthly Payment Plan

Please visit http://colonialcentral.gwu.edu/billing/PaymentPlan/ for information regarding the monthly payment plan.

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