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Student Employment: Find a Part-time Job, Internship or Co-op

Getting Experience:  Making the most of your work, intern, or service learning experience means understanding your options, determining when and which experiences are right for you and reflecting on your learning. Whether your current job is working in an office, lobbying Congress, waiting tables, and/or related to your major, the process of finding the right experience and employment for yourself helps you make sense of your pre-career options through specialized programs and activities.

Meet with a Career Consultant

Meet with a career consultant to discuss your plans and to answer your questions about part-time jobs, internships and co-op.  Walk-in consulting is available Monday to Friday 11am-2pm.  Appointments are also available if more time is needed (request an appointment in GWork).


The Career Center's online job and internship listings service, makes it easy for you to manage your job-search activities, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. All GW students and alumni may use GWork to research and apply for part-time (including all Federal Work Study jobs) and full-time jobs, internships, co-op positions and temporary employment.  For more information, go to

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Part-time and Federal Work Study Jobs

Part-time Jobs

  • A part-time job offers the opportunity to gain valuable skills as well as earn a paycheck.  At non-major related part-time jobs you will learn transferable skills which are desired by all employers such as time management, communication, teamwork, computer software, leadership and problem-solving.
  • For on-campus part-time jobs, GWork, our online joblisting system, is an excellent resource to find on-campus employment.  Individual departments are often looking for student assistants to help.  You may want to target and visit employers that interest you directly to ask about job openings. For more info on GWork, go to
  • On-Campus Student Employment Paperwork:  All students employed in a part-time position at a GW department--both regular wage account and Federal Work Study--must complete the appropriate employment paperwork, which includes federal (W4) and local (DC-4 or local state) tax forms and an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9). To complete an I-9, present the proper forms of identification (listed on the back of the I-9 form) to a Student Employment staff member.
    For more info, including downloadable forms, go to:

Federal Work Study Part-time Jobs

The Federal Work Study Program (FWS) is a federally-funded work program which allows students who have received a Federal Work Study award as part of their University financial aid package to earn wages during college while working at pre-approved organizations, including the University itself, local nonprofits, government agencies and community service employers. 

For more information about Federal Work Study at GW - including how to find and apply for FWS jobs - go to

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  • Internships are a great way to experience different work settings and explore different career fields and options and help you to develop your network, to build resumes and develop skills.
  • Students pursue internships to gain practical, professional experience and to link the world of work to their academic studies.
  • Successful internships are planned work experiences where the student and employer are committed to the students learning and development.  Students learn by taking part in the work of the organization and observing day to day operations.
  • Internships are paid or unpaid, credit or non-credit and vary in hours per week and weeks per semester.
  • Students should check with their school and individual departments for more information on obtaining credit for an internship experience.  All credit is granted through your dean's office.

Finding an Internship

  • Log in to GWork, the Career Center's online job and internship database listing hundreds of internship positions. For more info about GWork, go to
  • Check with your particular department for additional opportunities and possible structured internship programs.
  • Talk to faculty and fellow students to expand your networking possibilities.  Many internship positions are never posted and are filled by referrals.

Internship Goal Setting and Reflection

Internship Links & Resources

Internship Strategies (online webshop)

Federal Government Internship Opportunities

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    Cooperative Education (Co-op)

    Contact: 202.994.6495


    • Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a highly structured experiential learning activity that provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable relevant experience which directly relates to their academic field of study.  Who is eligible for Co-op?
    • Co-op positions are always paid, related to your major and last ten weeks a semester.
    • Students must "co-op" for a minimum of ten weeks a semester for a minimum of fifteen hours per week.
    • Cooperative Education positions exist in any field though a majority is found in engineering and in all aspects of the federal government.
    • Upon successful completion of a co-op, a notation is made on your official University academic transcript. 

    Enroll in Co-op

    In order to be considered for a co-op position, you need to complete the following enrollment process:

      1. View the Cooperative Education Orientation.
      2. Create a profile and upload your resume onto GWork, the Career Center's online job listing system, and complete the Co-op section:
      3. Meet with Career Center staff to discuss your areas of interest. You will then be enrolled in the Co-op program. You can request  an appointment through your GWork profile.
      4. Once you have completed the enrollment process, and have uploaded your resume on to GWork, you can begin searching for co-op positions both on GWork and via other online systems.

    Co-op Information for International Students

    • F-1 Visa holders must maintain visa status for nine months prior to starting a co-op position. Students must have been in-residence in the United States for the nine months before beginning a co-op position.
    • International students must discuss any potential employment opportunities with a staff member of the International Services Office (ISO).
    • Students have a mimimum requirement of one (1) work term per employer.

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    Experiential Learning

    Making the most of your work, intern, or service learning experience means understanding your options, determining when and which experiences are right for you and reflecting on your learning. Whether your current job is working in an office, lobbying Congress, waiting tables and/or related to your major, the experience plus our specialized programs and activities helps you to make sense of your pre-career options.

    Review the following to learn how your "experiences" can help you with choosing your major and also help you later in your job search and in your career:

    My Career Success Plan:  Student Learning Outcomes & Action Plan

    Part-time Employment Links & Resources


    The Career Center offers regularly-scheduled workshops throughout the academic year (consult our calendar on the homepage for specific dates).  The workshops are generally one hour to ninety minutes in length and are usually held in the Career Center or the Marvin Center.  All current GW students may attend any workshop free of charge on a space-available basis.