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Career Consulting Services

The George Washington University Center for Career Services offers a wide range of services, including a strong consulting program for current students and recent graduates.* Our professional career consultants have extensive experience working with students in the areas of career development, employment advising, internship preparation, interviewing, and document preparation. We provide students and alumni with access to resources, information, and support. Take time to review the services listed below and log in to GWork to schedule an appointment.

Graduating seniors - make sure to visit the Center for Career Services and receive personalized attention from a career consultant who can help you create your Career Action Plan!

  • Articulate your personal brand
  • Polish your resume and cover letter
  • Perfect your 30-second professional introduction
  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile and make professional connections
  • Research and apply for jobs with targeted employers
  • Conduct informational interviews in your field

Schedule an appointment in GWork (click "Request an Appointment" and look for "Senior Student Check-In" option) or come by during drop-in hours (Monday-Friday, 11am-2pm).


All students served by the GW Center for Career Services will be able to schedule appointments on-line with a career consultant by clicking on the "Request an Appointment" button on your GWork profile home page. You can also select the "Calendar" function and then click on "Consulting Appointment" to make an appointment with a GW career consultant. (Alumni - please call 202.994.6495 to schedule an appointment).

If you have any technical difficulties making an appointment, please email GWork Help at If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at We hope that you find this service helpful as we continue to support your connections to career opportunities!

Scheduling Consulting Appointments in GWork FAQ
These FAQs should help resolve any difficulties you may have when making an appointment with a Career Consultant in the Center for Career Services (CCS).
Career Center Location, Hours & Contact Info

What You Can Expect & What Is Expected Of You
Drop-in Consulting 
Consultant Office Hours
48-Hour Resume & Cover Letter Critique Service
Employment Advising
Career Development
Cooperative Education (Co-op) Appointments
InterviewStream (online practice interviews)

Students and Alumni 

*The GW Career Center serves the majority of undergraduates, graduate students and alumni. Click here to find out which University career center serves your needs.

Alumni within one year following graduation are eligible to utilize all of the services listed above at no charge.  For more information on services for alumni, click here.

What You Can Expect

Assess skills, interests and values that support career decisions and academic paths

  • Schedule a career development consulting appointment in GWork to discuss how your interests, skills and values relate to majors and careers.

Research and understand career options

  • Browse the many print and online resources available in the Resource Room.
  • Have a quick question?  Stop in during Drop-in Consulting hours:  Monday-Friday 11am-2pm (during the academic year).  

Develop and implement a successful plan to obtain internships, part-time jobs, co-ops and other pertinent experiences

Utilize knowledge of transition realities to pursue professional employment or educational opportunities

What Is Expected of You

  • Prepare for each meeting by printing copies of your resume, cover letter, assessment results, etc.
  • Come on time for your appointment!  If you are more than ten minutes late for an appointment, you will have to reschedule.
  • Realize the primary role you plan in your own career development process.
  • Understand that our services and resources are meant to guide and teach you; the primary purpose is not to place you in a job or internship.
  • Honesty!  Represent yourself truthfully on paper and within your GWork profile.

Drop-in Consulting

Drop-in consulting provides convenient access to career advice without an appointment. Held in our Resource Room during the academic school year, students can meet with Peer Career Ambassadors, Monday-Friday, 11am-2pm for quick questions (10-15 minutes) related to resumes, cover letters, career resources, upcoming programs, and GWork. While you’re here, browse our resource library, access GWireless, or use one of our computers.

Consultant Office Hours

Career Ambassadors may refer you to a consultant during office hours if they feel that your question can be better answered by our professional staff. Office hours should not be viewed as appointments but rather a time to ask sensitive questions during a quick five to ten minute visit. See the schedule below for office hour availability. Access to consultants is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Monday-Friday:  11am-2pm

48-Hour Resume and Cover Letter Critique Service

Use this convenient service to have your resume and/or cover letter critiqued by a trained reviewer. Students should submit documents utilizing the online request form. Critiques will be returned by e-mail within 48 hours (two business days). Please note that we are only able to receive and send documents to GW e-mail addresses. Once submitted and critiqued, students who still have questions are welcome to visit the Career Resource Room during drop-in consulting (M-F, 11am-2pm), meet with a career consultant during office hours, or schedule an employment advising appointment.  To request an online critique: 

  1. Log into GWork and click, "Request a Career Consultant Appointment"
  2. Select either "48 hour resume critique" or "48 hour cover letter critique
  3. Click "Check Availability"
  4. Select the top most appointment availability and attach your document(s) when the screen opens up
  5. Your document(s) will be emailed back to you within two business days

Employment Advising Appointments

Professional staff members are available to assist students in developing a job-search strategy, writing or revising a resume or cover letter, building career networks, negotiating salary, learning about internship options, and much more.  Log in to your GWork account to schedule an appointment.

To prepare for an employment advising appointment, please bring a copy of your resume.  If you would like to update it prior to the appointment, click here for our online resources.  If not, the career consultant with whom you meet will guide you in making changes to your resume based on your goals.  Also, bring any other documentation (e.g., cover letter, job description, etc.,) you believe will be helpful during your appointment.

Career Development Consulting Appointments

Career development consulting appointments are offered to students who need guidance and support in identifying majors, career options, or planning for further study. Career consultants utilize a variety of web-based tools and assessments to provide support, resources, and information. Sometimes, students may need long-term support beyond what our office can provide. In these cases, the Career Center will provide referrals to the University Counseling Center where professional counselors can provide career counseling services and assessments.  Log in to your GWork account to schedule a career development consulting appointment at the Career Center.

Co-op Appointments

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a managed education program that provides students with in-depth, paid, major work experience. Interested students can request an appointment with the program coordinators to discuss interests, past placements, and the procedures required for participation in this highly structured program.  Log in to your GWork account to schedule a Co-op consulting appointment at the Career Center.

InterviewStream: Practice Interviewing Online

InterviewStream simulates an interview by asking challenging questions that can be customized to fit your interests or tailored to a specific field. You can repeat each question as often as you like, as well as hear expert advice on how to answer certain types of questions.  To access InterviewStream, log into your GWork profile and look for the icon on the left.